The Martyr Trilogy

The human year is broadly known 4042 AD, but human calendars are long-since irrelevant: what matters is the calandar of the martyrs, the race of cannibalistic, genetically engineered beings which now vie for planetary dominance with mankind. This year, however–1997 AL–the infamous martyr General, Dominia di Mephitoli, has abandoned her post as Governess of the United Front in betrayal of her Holy Family and her country’s figurehead, The Heirophant. It just so happens he is her family’s figurehead, too, but, well, when the death of one’s wife seems owed to one’s Father, some ties are thicker than blood. There is one hope, though, and it is that hope which drives her East in the first book of a three-part series to a man whose name is legendary. THE HEIROPHANT’S DAUGHTER and THE GENERAL’S WIFE have completed first drafts, with THE MAGICIAN’S CHILD underway. Follow its progress and my efforts to find it representation here on the blog!

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